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Opened in 2012, our indoor golf and sports bar has become more than just about playing indoor golf.  T2 - as we've been referred to by many - is a sports bar on steroids.  Yes, we offer an ultimate indoor golf experience with our 6 high tech simulators that feature 85 great golf courses, full swing analysis as well as great practice and training modes. How we differ from other simulated golf facilities is we recognize what many like facilities do not.  The majority of golfers are casual players who play to enjoy time with their friends & family.  Most golfers like the competitive nature of sports and love the "getaway" golf provides from the daily grind.  For many, it's a great time to spend some free time hanging out, forgetting about life for a while & maybe tipping a few back.

Today we are evolving.  Our customer base has grown BEYOND golfers. We are a great venue to watch a game, host your event or just hang out and enjoy some of our many offerings including indoor bags, pool, darts, games and video poker.  ​We have a full bar (which we're expanding in size) a great menu (which we're also expanding in early 2017 in conjunction with our kitchen remodel).  If you haven't been in yet - why haven't you?  Come check us out today.



Please call or email for reservations, parties or general questions.

11173 Dundee Road, Huntley, IL 60142 /

T  /  224-650-8111       

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